At Norfran Ltd we have specialised 100% in manufacturing aluminium and zinc alloy diecasting.

The Diecasting department is supplied with molten alloy from the bulk melting area which houses four new energy efficient fully automatic Striko MH Furnaces capable of supplying 4 tonnes of alloy per hour.

Design and Project Management

In addition to die design we work hand in hand with our customers to assist in the design of their component. We offer our clients a fully integrated service. Design for Manufacture is one of Norfran’s strengths. We have the facilities to accept
3-D and 2-D Cad formats.

We will even source your rapid prototypes for you and produce soft tooling for prototype diecasting’s.

Die Casting

We are able to utilise our extensive range of machinery to provide enormous flexibility in production. Our machinery is able to accomodate the maufacture of varying shapes and sizes of castings

Norfran have extensive experience of manufacturing pressure tight and those with cast-in parts, such as fasteners, bearings and even electrical components.

Norfran completed a significant capital investment program, resulting in 10 diecasting cells being fully automated, using the latest 6 axis material handling robots, 3 axis handling robots and 2 axis CNC spraying systems. Our robotic die casting cells are typically used for longer running high volume production runs. The remaining of our capacity is semi-automated cells for smaller production volumes

Die Cast Finishing

Norfran’s Finishing Department has also benefited from a major investment program. Consistent quality is maintained through training and retaining dedicated staff, 48% of Norfran’s employees have been employed by Norfran for 15 years and more

Complimenting our more traditional finishing methods, we have invested in a fully automated finishing system consisting of vibratory deburring, cleaning and drying.

Other In-House available processes include CNC machine shop (both vertical machine centres and CNC lathes), Ball shotblasting, Multi-Spindle drilling and tapping, high volume assembly and turn-key automated leak detection, decay pressure testing.

Outsourcing and Logistics

Fully finished products are supplied whenever possible and therefore we have extensive experience and the ability to source and manage more specialised processes as powder coating, wet spraying, plating and polishing. This is further evidence that Norfran Ltd is willing to travel that extra mile to fulfil our customer’s needs.

Castings and finished products can be produced and delivered using KAN-BAN, JIT methods, single order or scheduled batch quantities. Transport can be provided by Norfran’s own fleet, a preferred carrier or customers own vehicles.

Industry Awards

North Tyneside Business Awards 2012
Manufacturer of the Year

North Tyneside Business Awards 2012
Business of the Year

TDR Training Awards 2012
Small business of the year

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