Linear Tolerances

Linear Tolerances


Flatness shall be measured from three widely separated points on a continuous plain surface of the diecasting.

Note - The chart is a guide and for reference only, all geometric tolerances vary according to the design of each component, please contact NORFRAN for further advice.

Moving Die Part Tolerances - In Addition To Linear Dimension Tolerances

Moving Die Part Tolerances, in addition to Linear Dimension Tolerances, and Parting Line Tolerances must be provided when moving a die part affects a linear dimension.

"Projected area" is the area in mm, of the portion of the die casting affected by the moving die part.

Linear Dimensions Tolerances, As Cast

The tolerance on a dimension "A" will be the value shown on the table. This tolerance must be increased where the parting line of the die, or moving die parts, affect dimension A

Linear Tolerances
Linear Tolerances

Parting Line Tolerances - In Addition to Linear Dimension Tolerances

(Based on single cavity die)

Parting Line Tolerances, in addition to linear Dimension Tolerances, must be provided when the parting line affects a linear dimension.

"Projected Area" is the area of the die casting in square mm at the die parting plane.